STRUT is now over for 2021. Thanks to our many donors we raised $48,705 to support our LGBTQ+ Refugees & Newcomers. It is never too late to join our organization as a volunteer or to make a donation that will impact the lives of LGBTQ+ Refugees facing persecution around the world.

Why is STRUT so important?

Imagine that your life is in danger because of your sexual orientation or gender. You have no other option than to flee from your home, leaving everything behind, moving to a strange new place with no friends or family. Imagine living in a world without Hope.

But there is hope – Rainbow Foundation of Hope.

Rainbow Foundation of Hope

About STRUT and Rainbow Foundation of Hope

STRUT is the Rainbow Foundation of Hope’s annual fundraising event. Since 2015 we have gathered together to raise Hope but this year we are going virtual. We are excited to invite participants from our communities all over Canada to partipate in the first ever Virtual STRUT.

Our mission is to financially support a network of charities that assist private sponsorship and resettlement services for LGBTQ+ refugees.

Rainbow Foundation of Hope has disbursed over $300,000 in grants and other benefits to Canadian charities supporting LGBTQ+ refugees and newcomers. Learn about our people Impact.

Past STRUT walkathons.  STRUT4HOPE

IMPACT on LGBT+ Refugees

Thanks to past fundraising events like STRUT the Rainbow Foundation of Hope has granted over $300,000 to organizations actively working to support LGBTQ+ Refugees and Newcomers.

Below is a visual representation of the IMPACT from our Private Sponsorship, Community Services and Scholarship grant programs.

We have been able to assist a number of LGBTQ+ Refugees in the following ways…

  • STRUT funds One-on-One Counselling for LGBT+ Refugees.
  • STRUT funds Group Counciling Sessions for LGBT+ Refugees.
  • 361 Community Service Support Occurances
  • STRUT funds Interpretation Services
  • STRUT funds Referral Services for LGBT+ Refugees
  • STRUT funds LGBT+ Refugee & Newcomer Advocacy.
  • STRUT funds supportive housing for LGBT+ Refugees.
  • STRUT funds Emergency Flight Evacutions.
  • STRUT funds Legal Document Support

To learn more about specific grants approved visit our Rainbow Foundation of Hope website. To learn about our charity partners that we work with visit Ecosystem of Hope.

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Rainbow Foundation of Hope

Administrative Address: 815 Hornby St. #203, Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2E6

Donations should be addressed to Rainbow Foundation of Hope and mailed to: 2606 Windsor Street, Vancouver, BC  V5T 4A1

Registered Canadian Charity:

BN 838889582 RR0001

Photo credits to Ben Owens and Brian Houle.