VirtualSTRUT Questions and Answers

Strut Q & A

To raise funds for the LGBTQ+ Refugees escaping persecution and newly arrived LGBTQ+ Newcomers to Canada.

It funds the Rainbow Foundation of Hope’s Private Sponsorship, Community Service and Scholarship grant programs.   See  IMPACT on how the LGBTQ+ Refugee and Newcomer’s have been assisted.  See ECOSYSTEM for the Canadian charities that have been grant recipients.

Past Strut were walkathons.  This year STRUT is expanded to any activity as long as it is safe and you can do it for at least one hour.

We recommend at least one hour of participation.  There should be a effort suffering. It is small thing to ask considering the suffering of LGBTQ+ refugees around the world facing persecution.

We will open registration to STRUT at our launch party on July 21st.   You will then be able to register and start fundraising.   You can participate in your chosen activity any time after July 21st but must be completed by August 25th.

We will open registration on July 21st at our launch party at 7pm.   A link will be provided on .

You can register for STRUT starting July 21st at 7pm (Our Launch Party).   Registration will be open between July 21st and August 25th.    You must complete your activity by August 25th.


Yes we welcome all even your furry friends.